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Sergiu Draganus

I am the Co-Founder of GeoRanker, eRanker and BoostIT Hub, while also being recognized throughout the search marketing industry as one of the leading authorities on Local SEO.

My online journey has began as a domainer back in 2006 when the .eu domains were first launched, by registering and managing a large portfolio of domain names. The need of identifying new Growth-hacking techniques for our own projects lead us to start building GeoRanker, eRanker and finally the BoostIT Hub.

With a passion for Local SEO, I’ve spearheaded competitive analysis for such global industry leaders as Rolex, Hilton, Remax.

Technical Advisor & Partner

Corbeanca, Ilfov

+1 800 857 0977

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Traffic and Lead Generation

Need we say more? Traffic, and especially targeted traffic, is imperative for lead generation, which ultimately translates into conversions. Our package comes with options for PPC Marketing (Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Google AdWords, Twitter Ads and more), as well as organic traffic and lead generat... Read More

General Digital Marketing

Want to go beyond local and reach a wider worldwide audience? Then you should know that we offer worldwide digital marketing services. Get connected to influencers at a global level, reach more customers and convert more. On a .com scale.Search engines love websites that provide visitors with val... Read More

Content Optimization

Conveying the right messages to your customers is a vital part of your business strategy. If you want to enhance the voice of your brand, check out our content services. Just a glimpse: we offer seo copywriting, ghost­writing, blogging services, visual content (images, infographics, video, audio... Read More

General SEO Services

If you want to go beyond local, we also have your back with our general SEO services. Our packages offer general seo, enterprise seo, seo copywriting and link building solutions, both onsite and offsite. The result: worldwide optimized website, rankings in search engines and, easier wa... Read More

Local Digital Marketing

Our local digital marketing packages include, but are not limited to: content creation and curation that targets a local audience, email marketing, local inbound marketing, local campaign creation and implementation, local search engine marketing and localized social media marketing. We’ve got ... Read More

Local SEO Services

Local SEO is imperative in order to be found by both general and local audiences. Our packages offer local seo, multi­location seo, enterprise seo, keyword optimization solutions, citation building, both onsite and offsite. The result: locally optimiz... Read More


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