About Sponsor My Event
SponsorMyEvent.com is a marketplace that matches event organizers with event sponsors. It is a complete 360° solution for sponsorships.

The main objectives were to:
  • Grow the organic traffic through SEO
  • Increase the number of events registered and deals done through the platform
  • Help the co-founders develop more features and the platform to next level
  • Help the startup to become the leader in his field

  • What We Provided
  • We created and implemented the SEO & digital marketing strategies
  • Worked hand-in-hand with the co-founders in the same office or at distance to boost the startup
  • Offered 7 specialists to work as a team for SME: full time developers, designer, SEO specialist, marketing & social media, UX & CRO
  • Offered business consultancy and solutions on all type of tasks
  • myevent3

    SEO Before & After
    Before GoRanker
  • In September – November 2014 the Organic Traffic was about 1,000 – 1,500 sessions per month
  • Organic traffic represented 30% of the total traffic
  • 75% of traffic came from US (30%), India (20%), UK (15%) and Luxembourg (10%)
  • myevent4Traffic from September to November 2014
    11 Months After Intervention
  • After 11 months (from December 2014) we grew the organic traffic 630% to 9,500 sessions per month
  • Organic traffic represents 52% of total traffic and 70% of new sessions
  • 45% of organic traffic came from US, 13% UK, 5% Canada, 4% India, 2% Luxembourg, 2% South Africa, 2% Australia
  • myevent5Traffic from December 2014 to October 2015
    Keyword Rankings
    myevent6The SME website now ranks in 1-5 positions for all keywords related to event sponsorship.
    10 Month Results
    633% Increase in monthly organic traffic
    353% Increase in number of sessions
    +60 New events registered daily on the website
    1-5 Rank in google organic for top 45 keywords related to event sponsorship.
    The Quote
    “Over the last 10 months, we clearly saw that, when implemented systematically, SEO can be an extremely effective marketing method in achieving our targets. All other services provided were done with professionalism and we are delighted with the results. Therefore we will continue to work with the GoRanker Team.”

    – Peter Pöhle, CEO & Co-Founder, Sponsor My Event