Before moving to the contents of this article, there are 3 points worth mentioning:

  • It is common knowledge that when someone wishes to organize an event, the safest way is to seek professional help and support. And the best shortest way to obtain it is by hiring a PR and Digital Marketing Agency;
  • Keep in mind that when planning an event, an online agency can turn out to be of significant help due to the fact that it is easier to connect with possible guests, it is less time consuming and the cost rates are lower in comparison to traditional marketing;
  • Online PR and Digital Marketing agencies hire young people who can contribute with innovative, fresh ideas in order to make your event even more successful. Young agents are more motivated on doing an excellent job and receiving job recommendations in comparison to those who have years of experience. Remember to give the young generation a chance to stand out.

The 21st century is all about businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers. These people have to maintain their online reputation in order to have an established position in the marketplace. Meanwhile consumers comment, share, tweet, like and recommend brands using various social media platforms and tools. Basically, brands can either rise or fall. To prevent unfortunate loses, the digital marketing agency comes to the rescue. Online B2B PR agents can also recommend a series of professional quality online tools for a better monitoring on the situation.

Here are 5 Reasons why clients and marketers are attracted to Digital Marketing Agencies.


Reason No. #1: More Contacts – One Cannot Simply Refuse

Digital Marketing agencies have wider connection with other online businesses. A traditional agency usually maintains contact with fewer companies found in nearby locations, while online agencies can offer their clients a vast selection of locations, catering services and entertainment. This ensures that the client’s requests are taken into consideration and implemented without leaving anything behind. In a way, it is the Digital Marketing agency’s manner of saying: “We are a yardstick of quality”.

Here is an interesting case study of a UK-based Digital Marketing Agency: Kennedy PR. Amanda is a mumpreneur with many years of experience in the digital marketing environment. She regularly blogs about tips and tricks in digital marketing, trends and how to’s such as implementing fresh ideas in your marketing strategies. What I love about her is that she is honest and straightforward. Her mottos are “Stop Marketing and Start Connecting” and “Stop Selling and Start Serving”. She was also nominated for Business Mum Award. Her digital marketing platform aims at sharing knowledge not in the form of a self-entitled “expert” but in that of real life experiences. Practice beats theory after all!


Reason No. #2: Lower Prices, Because We Love Smart Investments

Traditional agencies spend a significant amount of time on meetings. Obviously these meetings as well as commuting to different locations tend to raise quite a bit the cost rates. And since we are talking about business, spending figures are not important, but crucial. No client wants to have their money thrown out the window, so cheaper alternatives are preferred in 8 out of 10 cases. The main advantage of digital marketing agency is the fact that work is done online. For example, PR agents can be located in different countries without having time zones interfere with their work. The outcome and results bring significant lower costs.

Reason No. #3: Time Costs, A “Raison D’Etre”

Clients love things done professionally and rapidly without wasting time, energy, ideas or money. The event planning must go smoothly and with little to almost no time leaks. Online agencies are doing their best to reduce time costs for each event by sending all required information pieces in such a way that the client himself won’t be forced to leave his home or his office. Online PR agencies keep in mind that reducing time costs also means reducing the client’s efforts in having a successful event. After all, we may not like the sound of it, but “time is money”.

Reason No. #4: One Fresh Approach Coming Up, Sir!

Fresh means young and that is why many digital marketing agencies hire personnel in their 20s and 30s. Young agents are defined by the need of always staying informed in regards to every single work related update. Aside from the rather technical part of their jobs, they are also considering innovation in the projects they are involved in. Fresh, innovative and enthusiastic approaches can guarantee an event success rate up to almost 80%. Plus, it is a great indirect marketing strategy of attracting new clients. This means mutual benefits for both client and agency. The best business deals are done in a “win-win” situation.


Reason No. #5: A Wonderland Called Privacy Control

No client would refuse a privacy control strategy. After all, would anyone want to have their main competitor show up at their event or find out information about the attending guests? Most certainly not. That is why privacy is very important, therefore it must be respected. As a huge plus, the online environment is a great way to protect your client’s identity. For e.g., clients not needing to go to the agency’s headquarters have fewer chances of being noticed by someone familiar. It is also a great way of filtering the guest list and avoiding unwanted self-invites. Digital Marketing agencies reduce the risk rates of unwanted incidents and protect their client’s identity mainly because most client-agency contact is made via email, online calls and phone calls.


Of course, there are many reasons to why clients are more attracted to digital marketing agencies, but the ones crossing people’s minds are almost always related to more contacts, lower prices, lower time costs, fresh innovative approaches and of course, privacy control.