The Team


We believe that the sun always shines at GoRanker. And is true, as the morning will find us in different time zones.

We do a lot of work with local partner agencies and position ourselves as their technical execution arm. We guide them through their projects and even represent them in technical discussions. That means that all our skills, team capabilities and proprietary developed tools are made available locally, without overhead. It also means that we are proud of a lot of work that we can’t display on our website but we are happy to show it to you face to face.

Meet the faces behind these projects.

Trina Lo on GoRanker

Trina Lo

Marketing Strategist

Mary Jane Duty on GoRanker

Mary Jane Duty

Graphic Designer

Daniel Panlilio on GoRanker

Daniel Panlilio

Digital Marketing Partner

Lance Frazier on GoRanker

Lance Frazier


Alex Gabriel on GoRanker

Alex Gabriel


Adrian Sischin on GoRanker

Adrian Sischin


Tom Smith on GoRanker

Tom Smith

Principal Consultant

Sergiu Draganus on GoRanker

Sergiu Draganus

Technical Advisor & Partner

Martin Djobadze on GoRanker

Martin Djobadze

Graphic Designer

Royal Torres on GoRanker

Royal Torres

Graphic Designer

Xavier Buck on GoRanker

Xavier Buck


Daniel Vladescu on GoRanker

Daniel Vladescu


Adriana Manicea on GoRanker

Adriana Manicea


Silviu Istrate on GoRanker

Silviu Istrate


Cristian Onisor on GoRanker

Cristian Onisor

IT Director of Operations

Mihai Nicolae Tudorica on GoRanker

Mihai Nicolae Tudorica

Business Development Executive

Bogdan Almasi on GoRanker

Bogdan Almasi


Andrei Alexandru on GoRanker

Andrei Alexandru

Legal Advisor

Bogdan Onica on GoRanker

Bogdan Onica

Online Marketing

Roxana Dragomir on GoRanker

Roxana Dragomir

Talent Acquisition Specialist

George Stoica on GoRanker

George Stoica

Graphic Designer

Marius Ionut Drenea on GoRanker

Marius Ionut Drenea

Web Developer

Ionut Alin Musat on GoRanker

Ionut Alin Musat

Web Developer

Liviu Gheorghe Iacob on GoRanker

Liviu Gheorghe Iacob

Web Developer

Andrei Popa on GoRanker

Andrei Popa

Web Developer

Alexandru Valentin Paizan on GoRanker

Alexandru Valentin Paizan

Web Developer

Lucian Matei on GoRanker

Lucian Matei

Web Developer

Carmen Cerbeanu on GoRanker

Carmen Cerbeanu

Web Developer

Cosmin Cerbeanu on GoRanker

Cosmin Cerbeanu

Web Developer

Alexandru Catrina on GoRanker

Alexandru Catrina

Web Developer

Dragos Iovan on GoRanker

Dragos Iovan

Web Developer

Razvan Sima on GoRanker

Razvan Sima

Web Developer

Mihaela Stefan on GoRanker

Mihaela Stefan

Quality Assurance

Carmen Zanfir on GoRanker

Carmen Zanfir


Florin Funduc on GoRanker

Florin Funduc

Junior Business Developer

Augustin Boteanu on GoRanker

Augustin Boteanu

Web Developer

Bogdan Feldorean on GoRanker

Bogdan Feldorean

Graphic Designer

Madalina Ionescu on GoRanker

Madalina Ionescu

Junior Web Developer

Amenna Ionas on GoRanker

Amenna Ionas

Junior Web Developer