Frequent Asked Questions

Local Partners FAQ

Welcome! Here are the questions most frequently asked in regards to becoming our Local Partner.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons to Become Our Local Partner.
While we don’t have predetermined set of requirements in regards to professional abilities and technical skills, we work best with like-minded entrepreneurs who are able to deliver value to customers through their services and through their overall business approach.
Our world-wide network is formed of digital marketing and sales experts who have the capacity of transforming even the simplest digital marketing service into a valuable customer experience, greatly contributing to the success stories of our local clients.
Yes, immediately after becoming our Local Partner you will receive ongoing training regarding the various tools and instruments we use, both from a technical and a sales standpoint.
Yes. In the first 10 weeks, a dedicated coach will work for you once a week for 2 hours to help with your business development, your go-to market strategy, to increase your market share and to start selling digital marketing products and services.
We convert project steps to an anticipated number of hours of work, and the rate we offer to our partners (b2b only) is $50/hour.

Welcome! Here are the questions most frequently asked by our customers in regards to OnSite SEO Optimization.
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Although it varies from project to project, the first results are visible within 2-4 weeks after completing the OnSite campaign.
Depending on the volume and complexity of work, the OnSite stage takes from one month to three months.
The best performances are achieved when both stages are performed.
We present each and every one of our clients with the option of receiving daily, weekly or monthly reports, offering quick and easy access to progress monitoring in specific markets.
Google algorithms are changing on daily basis. There are about 2-3 minor daily algorithm updates. Some factors which were critical in the past, are no longer important and can even trigger penalties leading to a ban of your website on Google.
Our strategy is to keep your web presence up to date and in line with the latest Google updates to preserve and enhance all investments made into the website. This could be achieved with a maintenance process.