In a survey from, more than 6,000 consumers were asked to write in the name of the store that they believe provided the worst service – and the reason why.

The survey was fielded among adults 18+ and results are available by gender, age, generation and 12 different classifications of store type.

The top 10 responses, and percentage of each, for the total sample are:

  1. Rude, impolite, unfriendly = 22%
  2. Problems getting help = 20.2%
  3. Not knowledgeable = 11.4%
  4. Long checkout, long wait, slow = 10.1%
  5. Don’t care, disinterested = 8.9%
  6. Policy: returns, coupons, prices, fees = 8.3%
  7. Generic customer service complaint = 7.5%
  8. Understaffed = 4.6%
  9. Telephone support problems = 3.9%
  10. Unhelpful = 3.5%

While this survey focused on retail establishments, the findings are applicable to any business serving customers and reiterates the need to educate and empower employees, as well as letting them know how important their interactions with customers are.

Share this with your employees and see if they agree. It will alert them to what they need to avoid when working with customers.

Tom Smith

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