What makes you “different and better” than your competition? If you can’t come up with the long-term positive differentiation of your brand we need to talk and perhaps I need to talk with your customers to hear what they have to say about what makes you “different and better.” Your positioning goes hand-in-hand with your vision, mission, and values and serves as the strategic underpinning for all of your communications. It also provides a guiding light for your employees and empowers them to deliver a powerful and compelling reason why a prospective customer should consider doing business with you. Branding, on the other hand, is the consistent visual and tonal presentation of your brand. Consistency builds trust. Inconsistency builds confusion and distrust. That’s why it’s important for al of your visual and aural messages to be consistent regardless of the channel. While you make have a different tone on Facebook and Instagram than you do on your website and LinkedIn page, the message and look needs to be consistent. This is why I encourage all of my clients to have a graphics standards manual, as well as brand guidelines.