Thanks to Peter Shankman, Stacey Acevero and Vocus for a great webinar today on “Nice Brands Finish First.”

I urge you to watch the webinar when you have 45 minutes, Peter is a GREAT speaker and storyteller.

Peter would probably be happier if you bought his new book Nice Companies Finish First.

Peter shares some wonderful examples of companies that have provided outstanding customer experiences and have been rewarded royally in media coverage and in incremental business as a result of their efforts.

The following are some nuggets I took away from Peter’s talk along with my insights:

  1. “Focus on the customers you have to get the customers you want.” Instead of spending 80% of your marketing budget on getting new customers, how about spending 80% of your marketing budget making your current customers happy and they’ll help you get plenty of new customers.
  2. “The current norm for level of service is ‘crap.’ Treat customers better than the norm.” Shouldn’t it be easy to deliver better than crappy service? If not, why are you in business?
  3. “Think about how to get your customers more involved with your brand.” Give them a behind the scenes look at how things work. Ask them what they’d like to know more about your business. The more you get your customers involved in your brand, the more emotionally connected to your brand they will be.
  4. “It’s nice to give away money. It’s better to give away an outstanding customer experience.” Customers will remember an outstanding customer experience and will tell others about it.
  5. “No brand has ever gone wrong giving someone an incredible experience.” How can you give your customers an incredible experience? Don’t know, ask your customer facing employees for their ideas.
  6. “P.R. no longer stands for public relations. P.R. now stands for personal recommendations.” Personal recommendations are gold. 85% of consumers trust the word of their friends and family. 70% of consumers trust the word of people online they don’t even know. Less than 20% of consumer trust what companies have to say about themselves.
  7. “Create amazing experiences. This is the new currency” for driving customer satisfaction.
  8. “Empower your employees to do nice things.” Don’t restrict your employees from creating amazing experiences. Most importantly, recognize them when they do.
  9. “Making people smile will drive repeat business.” Making your employees smile will encourage your employees to make your customers smile.
  10. “Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, not because it will make you more money.” Ultimately, the return on your investment will be ten-fold or more.
  11. “Fun shows through in everything you do.” Have fun in everything you do and encourage your employees to do the same. Your customers will see it and feel it every time they do business with you and will be more likely to tell their friends about it.

You may think these suggestions just apply to B2C businesses. Please don’t. B2B clients want to do business with nice companies just as much as you want to. B2B clients are human too.

What do you and your company do for your customers that’s nice?

Tom Smith

Experienced marketing professional who has worked with more than 120 clients in 18 different vertical industries. ♦ Differentiate products and services by improving UX and delivering memorable CX to create an emotional connection to the brand. ♦ Obtain insights from analytics to solve business problems and drive revenue. ♦ Develop and implement marketing campaigns that double traffic and leads in three months. ♦ Certified Marketing Automation Professional ♦ Certified Voice of the Customer (VOC) Professional