I just ran across notes I took from a webinar where David Leinconi was talking about his new book 5 Elements of a Dysfuntional Team.

Given all I read about the percentage of engaged employees (29%), not fully engaged (45%) and actively disengaged (26%), I believe we as business owners, leaders and managers need to address this discrepancy to improve our business and our customers’ experience, thereby accelerating sales.

The success of your business correlates with the level of empowerment, and engagement, of your employees.

The five elements of a dysfuntional team are:

1. Absense of trust

2. Fear of conflict

3. Lack of commitment

4. Avoidance of accountability

5. Inattention to results

Any of these elements are problematic. If you have more than one, you have big problems. Talk to your employees about each of these — on-one-on and in small groups.

Address them by ensuring that you and your management team are:

1. Good listeners

2. Perceptive and empathetic

3. Open communicators

4. Calm

5. Genuinely concerned about the well-being, health and growth of your employees

Learn who your engaged employees are and give them more responsibility. They will help your business grow by building stronger customer relationships, increasing productivity and helping engage more of the “not fully engaged.”

Learn who your disengaged employees are and get rid of them. They are costing you business, hurting your relationships with customers and poisoining your organization. Don’t forget, these could be your members of your team who, it turns out, aren’t good managers that employees trust.

There are too many great workers looking for a place where they can make a meaningful contribution to tolerate disengaged workers.

Remember that your employees are just like everyone else, “they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” . . . about them.

Need help talkinng to your team to determine who’s fully engaged, not fully engaged or disengaged? Call me and I’ll help you empower your employees to accelerate sales.

Tom Smith

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