By having one-on-one interviews with client management and customers, we learned just how complex the deregulation issues in the energy industry were and how low awareness and knowledge was among customers.

Telephone interviews affirmed our findings and allowed us to pursue a segmentation strategy based on industry, energy use and potential savings for corporate customers.

Impending deregulation of the utilities industry was prompting tremendous change. Our client was in a vulnerable position as consolidation was taking place.

We conducted one-on-one interviews with client management and customers to learn the firm’s strengths and the customers’ awareness of the issues and their implications.

We also conducted telephone surveys with 1,300 corporate executives at 900 companies in 17 industries.

We learned that American business leaders were totally unprepared for deregulation and unaware of the energy options available to them.

Based on what we learned about the perceptions of our client and its unique product offerings, we positioned the firm as the leader in providing customized energy services to American business.

We also identified the top-five energy using industries, where savings would be the greatest, and designed and implemented a custom marketing strategy and tactics for each industry.

We would have liked to have targeted more segments; however, the budget would not accomodate a more diverse target audience.

One of the tactics included parsing the research by industry and creating industry-specific white papers. This content was particularly relevant, and of interest, to the target audience, CFO’s and COO’s, since it was specific to their industry.

Our client won and retained customers in each of the top five industries we targeted, length of corporate contracts grew as did customer satisfaction and renewal rates.

How have you used insights from your customers and prospects to accelerate sales?

Tom Smith

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