I am fascinated with the findings of NeuroFocus in “The Buying Brain” by Dr. A.K. Pradeep.

While I was not surprised to learn the difference between male and female brains, I was surprised to see the powerful differences between the female brain and a mother’s brain.

This is likely a function of never being a father.

Moms make it all happen in a family and they love to network with each other to share what works and what doesn’t.

If your product or message makes an emotional connection with a mom, you have won over a powerful ally who will support you through an enhanced network far beyond anything the marketer can create.

Likewise, if your message or product does not meet with mom’s approval, prepare to be shut out and possibly shut down. Moms are much less forgiving than other groups.

A mom’s brain differs from a female brain in that her offspring are her primary focus. She is no longer looking out for herself but rather for her children.

According to neuroscientist, Craig Kinsley, “Birth and caring for offspring literally reshape the brain into a more complex organ that can accommodate an increasingly demanding environment.”

This was reiterated in focus groups I did with moms for a new scar treatment for kids. Moms were much more concerned about scars on their children than on themselves.

Implications for the marketer:

  • Make it easy for new moms to communicate with you. If she doesn’t like a product or service, make it a joy, not a nightmare, to let you know.
  • Because of moms’ superior instinct and intuition skills, never try to mislead the new mom. Once lost, you will never regain her trust.
  • Provide a forum where moms can connect. They will have great influence over the audience.
  • Do anything to get the new mom back to her children quickly. Parenting boosts a mother’s brain to help her cope with the outside world with maximum efficiency.
  • Provide products and services to relieve some of the burden of being a mom.
  • If you have achieved a positive relationship with moms, treat it like gold and do everything you can to build on it.
  • Show activities moms want to engage in (i.e., one-to-one soothing activities with her baby).
  • New mothers seek empathy and understanding. Show her faces of babies, mothers who share her concerns, experts who can help her with her new responsibilities.
  • Emphasize safety in a positive emotional context, not through fear.
  • Speak to the new mom efficiently and rationally. She doesn’t have time to waste with something that is not relevant to her immediate needs.

Tom Smith

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