What do you want your customer or prospect to do?

I recently attended a presentation by an advocacy group. At the conclusion of the presentation, they had someone handing out a flyer asking us to go the their website to tell our story.

I went to the website to tell my story and didn’t see where they wanted me to do so.

I sent an email to the group telling them I appreciated their presentation and was looking forward to telling my story but was unclear where to do so.

Two days later, still not response.

Tell your customers and prospects what you want them to do and make it easy for them to do so.

Do you want your customers to tell you how likely they are to recommend them to ther friends and family? Give them a Net Promoter Score survey to complete, ask them right there or send them an email with the survey.

I’m in the process of doing this for a grocery store chain and their score, after nine interviews, is 100%. Granted this is a small sample size; however, the industry leader is 62% and the national average is 37%.

Do you want your customers to say something good about you on social media? If they’re not familiar with how to do this, help them do so right there in the office or store. If they are familar with how to do so, find out what social media channels they are most active with so you can converse with them on those channels.

Do you want a prospect to download an ebook or white paper? Put the link right there in front of them and don’t ask for any more qualifying information than you need to.

Do you want to know what customer expectations are? Ask them. Ask what you are doing well and what you could be doing better. Be sure to say “thank you” for the customer taking the time to give you this invaluable information.

Do you want to map the customer buying process? Sit down with a few customers, one-on-one, and ask them to take you through their buying process while you map it.

Do you want a customer to refer you to someone? Tell them you are trying to build your business based on referrals and you would like them to introduce you to someone that they believe you can help the same way you have helped them.

Be clear about the next step you want a prospect or customer to take and make it easy for them to do so. If you don’t, someone else will.

Work to build a mutually-beneficial relationship with your customer and they will want to help you be successful.

Do you have clear calls-to-action for your customers?

Tom Smith

Experienced marketing professional who has worked with more than 120 clients in 18 different vertical industries. ♦ Differentiate products and services by improving UX and delivering memorable CX to create an emotional connection to the brand. ♦ Obtain insights from analytics to solve business problems and drive revenue. ♦ Develop and implement marketing campaigns that double traffic and leads in three months. ♦ Certified Marketing Automation Professional ♦ Certified Voice of the Customer (VOC) Professional